To the most BOSS · 6/20/2017

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Davi, you will always be my Best Mom ™. You have taught me so much, from how to have brightly colored hair to how to get real help for real problems. Whenever I need thoughtful advice and wisdom, you are my go-to. As if being the wisest college student around wasn’t enough, you are so bold and loud and bright and confident, it makes me want to have that confidence to be more like you. And also more like myself. I really hope you stay onstage in PEI, because you are hella talented and more people should get to enjoy that. There’s nothing that quite compares to watching a gangly 6-foot something, spiky haired man cower because a short and cuddly person kissed him.


You might’ve scared me when I first met you Davi, but I don’t know where I’d be or who I’d be without your friendship. I’m going to miss the hell out of being able to drive over to see you when we haven’t gotten to the same group things. I’m going to miss having you around to go to group things. Or hey, to give me excellent book recommendations by handing me a book and telling me to start reading. You are absolutely one of my closest friends, and you are one of few I feel confident will stay in touch once we all split off. I’m going to come visit you up there. You’ll have to teach me how to be Canadian. You are an amazing human being, and I am immensely grateful I have gotten the chance to be your friend. Thanks for sticking by me through the hardest things I’ve known and doing what’s best for me, whether I like it or not. You and Oliver stay safe up there. I love you so much. <3

(From Tess)


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