Don and Kristin Readel · 6/19/2017

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So it seemed that when I heard Davi needed to get 'Driving Time' in to get her Drivers License, I thought, "Well, I just did that for my three kids, why not continue playing the part of 'Driver Education Man'."
Davi, just like Rich, Ryan and Heather turned out to be very good drivers and easy to tutor. Just a couple times I had to grab the steering wheel to avoid a collision. I will not divulge which ones of the four of them that this happened to, they know who they are. LOL
It was a joy to get to know you Davi in that time. Just like my own children I always knew they'd turn out (get it?) just fine.
God Bless You Davi as you venture up to the North Country PEI! You'll be in Kristin and my prayers. Lot's of Love Don and Kristin Readel


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