Dont Mess With Spirits · 4/11/2017

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This is a friendly warning from someone with experience. If you have read my past posts, you are aware that starting in about sixth grade, I was visited by a Wittenburg family "generational ghost". Since then I have numerous experiences with the spirit world and the supernatural. My wife and I even starting "ghost hunting" in the 90's as a hobby. Please listen to me- DON'T!
We had numerous happenings and caught "spirits" on videos. Even though I had prior experience, I had a chill when I saw one of them at the Memorial for the Confederate Dead at the Union's Prisoner of War prison at Alton Illinois- reported as the most haunted city in the
U. S. That being said, messing with spirits and the supernatural comes with an eternal price, to you physically and to your soul.
After stopping ghost hunting in the 2000's, I continued having unwanted contacts with spirits, sometimes skirting on harassment. In 2009, I became a "born again" evangelical Christian. These encounters finally became clear attacks and harassment! Studying the biblical lessons on "ghosts, spirits, witchcraft, mediums (and Ouija boards), and the dark side of the supernatural, I found that not only does the Bible warn against it, but prohibits it! Why? Because it's REAL! And tampering with it opens yourself up to the spirit world. Christianity says that ghosts/spirits are not the souls of those that have passed, but are demons that POSE as people who have died- especially in a energy-filled event like a murder or violent accident. The Reason? To get you suckered in so they can influence, control, and finally possess you! The long term goal is to steal your soul from the One True God, reference that War going on in the other dimensionsional battle between good and evil.
Now to the present. As a Christian, Satan will concentrate on you to break your faith and steal you from God. This is apparently the ultimate trophy for the Devil and his demons. So my harassment increased. I started having weird instances of failure, both of the physical objects but health-wise. Things breaking in an unusual manner. Mysteriously not working. I started not feeling well. Then demons started attacking me physically. In bed, they would pull on the covers. They would jump up and down and run across my bed. They would grab my legs and arms, shaking them! I found if I didn't show fear and ignored their activities, it would cease shortly. Then later it would come back and increase attacks. So I found that if I prayed to Jesus Christ for help and protection, they would stop and be gone for awhile. But now that I have opened that "door" to their realm, they keep coming back. And I assume it will continue till I go home to My Lord.
On one occasion, after the increase in severity, I was trying to ignore this particular demon. It actually sat down on the edge of my bed and revealed itself to me in a sort of dark and energy outline. I said a fast prayer and it was gone. Thank you Jesus!
This is just a warning to anyone involved in, or entertaining to get involved in, pursuing the supernatural without the guidance and protection of Jehovah God through Jesus Christ. Just don't! The Holy Bible clearly states that even Satan and his demons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and is therefore their enemy. Don't be an ally of them!
(The photos below show a "Gargoyle " that looks similar to the demon I saw. The other is another similar image supposedly captured on a "trail cam" for hunting. The remaining one is from an ancient book of demons identifying some of them )


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