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As many of you may recall, City's Brewer and Bangor cooperated on building a Citizen Advisory committee back in February of 2010. It has come to my attention from an anonymous source, that several (three or more) persons have been in discussions in a clandestine setting.

The committee, at that time, had hopes and expectations of perhaps building on combining of our municipal expenses and eliminating duplication of services. The police and fire departments seemed to be of the biggest concern for a possible "merger." Parks and Recreation, along with the City Clerk, Finance and other's were given little mention.

Brewer City Councilor Joe Ferris who was quite adamant for such a committee seems bent on a fire district with Bangor and Brewer.
A little background on the advisory committee; membership was composed of 14 members, some local city councilor's of Bangor and Brewer, along with several prominent citizens of both cities. There were nine such meetings with the board, in both cities. The proposed object for the group was to save a lot of money by limiting duplication. At the time, Brewer's Police Department had a budget of about 1.8 million, and the fire was not far behind.

The committee usually was a happy group of concerned individuals. Although at times there was little drama in play, such as when Councilor Ferris said he was opposed to former Councilor Gail Kelly serving on the board, as she had previously voiced her opposition to the formation of such a committee. However, Councilor Jerry Goss, who had proposed Gail, said he was sure she would serve the best interest of Brewer.

Duplication of services and a smaller bureaucracy was an ideal consideration; however, on the side were such quiet discussions as to questioning a little of Brewer 50 million-dollar methane station coming to Brewer, by a Bangor official.
Now the Chair Dick Stone kind of surprised the committee at the September 8 meeting, when he broached the subject of a 'Sundown" proposal. It was obvious that not much was going to change with this advisory committee.
Councilor Ferris thought the committee should "look a little harder." Joe said he didn't think the group had delved enough into the fire district issue.

Beverly Uhlenhake, said something interesting in the Sundown comments. "I don't think there is anything we can do, other than 'blow-up' the city governments. It didn't appear that too many on the board or in the audience were overly concerned, as the report was being top-shelved probably forever.
Now back to the purpose of this blog item: Here is a brief summary of just a few issues that were discussed at the week-ago secret meeting by some interesting folk at least two high bureaucratic Brewer and Bangor officials. Meanwhile, consideration may soon be under way, in removing that seven years study from the top shelf at City Hall.

Here is a starter of concerns:
1. The possible dissolving of the Brewer Police Department. The idea is that perhaps by contracting with the Penobscot County Sheriff's Dept. This seems so unlikely, that I called Sheriff Troy Morton, who professed to know nothing of such talk. Also I talked with the Police Chief, Deputy Chief, and the Captain. Each denied any knowledge of the mentioned activities. They all did admit they were 'overpaid'. As for the Deputy Fire Chief, he also denied anything, yet said he was 'underpaid'.
2. For the transformation of our form of government, including going with the Mayorship, elected by the voters, overseeing both Brewer and Bangor one local government.
3. An idea that was once proposed by a former Brewer City Councilor, to sell the Brewer Auditorium, combining our Parks and Recreation with Bangor. Very doubtful this will ever happen.
4. Brewer and Bangor Fire Departments should merge.
Hold on it will get more interesting in 2017.
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