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This January 2017 our Brewer City Manager Steve Bost beings his 18th year. He is the longest serving manager in our history. Steve was sworn in originally on 4 May 1999 just for a short while, as the City Council was in a bind, in that we needed somebody to oversee the city's operations as we had lost the presiding manager.

The last manager to serve such a lengthy time was the late Earle Stevens. Earle retired after about 16 years.

Not to delve too deeply into what are the bigger accomplishments of Manager Bost, two outstanding matters; First was the city take-over of what was known as the Brewer Water District, which was in some straights. The other huge accomplishment was his reign, over the completion of the old Eastern Fine Paper Company, which appeared to be heading to a long-time junk yard, as the paper industry continued to slide down and out of existence.

Along came Pete Vigue of Cianbro, who took command of a great opportunity to put "South Brewer" on the map. Today the old paper mill is a beautiful sight to be hold. At one time, there were hundreds and hundreds of employees at the facility. Things have been quiet for a few years now, but things will be looking better, hopefully soon.

The changes that have occurred here in Brewer over the time of Steve's reign have been amazing. Of course, the administration personnel is a major part of the whole way; the system works.

In closing, I have mentioned to Steve, he ought to think about writing a book of his experiences as our city manager, after retirement as it may not be a healthy way to go otherwise. He may also want to write about his days as a Maine State Senator, and his exciting as the campaign hot-shot for Ross Perot. Ross was the very popular Texan who ran for President against George H.W Bush, and Bill Clinton.



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