A SECOND and FINAL Chance · 12/28/2016

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God has answered our prayers. (See 2 Chronicles 7:14) HE has granted a short reprieve in this last November 2016 election. As HE has done throughout man's history with Israel, HE is merciful and long-suffering, so no man has to die in his sin. Therefore being consigned to Hell for eternity. All you have to do is accept His offer of forgiveness of your sin and everlasting life. But HE is just as only a perfect God can be. So HE WILL judge us all. Followers for their accomplishments and the non-believers for their sins. Appropriate awards (and punishments) will be given. This also includes our nations every day. Not in the future. So-With this divine chance, will the USA squander this chance and continue down the wrong road to judgment? Or will we change direction and repent. Will we Return to our divine path that this country was founded upon with God's directions and justice as it's roots? I Don't know.
However-A President Trump will not heal what is killing this country. Its demise may only be delayed in relationship to what would've happened with a Clinton presidency. An expressway to Hell. It's a spiritual and heart problem, not a cultural or tangible problem. Going back to our roots in God, praying, morals, respect, truth and love. And realizing that freedom is not free. It's not doing whatever one wants but doing what's right. Until then, we are still on a "slow boat" to our destruction as a nation (and culture). Please pray for our country and our leaders to respect God, His followers, and His plan for us. And to reject this prevalent "Culture of Death"; to defend LIFE and Justice and all His Creation. Amen!


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