Shopping Advice for Koh Samui · 11/5/2016

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There are some things you should buy on Koh Samui and others you should avoid buying there. You might not realize your mistake until after the fact, so we’re going to give you early warning to help you avoid errors that can cost you a lot of money.


First of all, you probably want to buy your sunscreen and other sun protection elsewhere. This island nation will have everything you need to protect yourself from the sun, but most items are marked up to capitalize on the demand there. if you visit the island without essential sun protection, odds are, you don’t have much choice as to how much you will pay for that stuff once you get to here.


You may also want to think carefully about buying one of the triangle cushions that are so ubiquitous in Thailand and koh samui villa rentals. They are certainly popular in the area, but they might not fit very well in your suitcase. You may be better off buying a shirt, some silk or something else that fits easily into a suitcase.

Also try to expand your menu a bit when you are on the island. If you just stick to foods you know, and you aren’t from the area, then you will probably get tired of what you are eating. Be adventurous and try something new, particularly at the fine dining restaurants and street vendors, where you can get some truly unique dishes.




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