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Took a ride around Brewer today, just checking to see how the big changes are taking place, especially our old school grounds. Local and former Brewer folks will find some of these changes startling, to say the least. Overall though a big improvement for our city.

Starting out with the old Brewer High School on Somerset Street, which later became the Junior high. Today it is a home for the elderly, and is beautiful. Check out the parking arrangements.

In the back of the high school is the old addition, that once contained the wood shop, metal and mechanical departments. Today the place is the home of the school superintendent,and associated offices. Also an gym facility.

Moving diagonally across the street is the new home for many folks of different ages, that will soon occupy this huge beautiful place. It is the location of the former State Street School. Once again an amazing change..check out the parking lot there, that used to be the local playground, and ball field.

Note the walkway from Highland Street to this new complex..nicely done.

Over at the old Washington Street School, with federal funds, Brewer has been able to make this one of the most desirable athletic fields. Three ball fields plus a playground and I think soccer field. The Brewer Public Works department has spent hundreds of hours of intensive labor in bringing this beautiful complex to fruition. It's about ready for playtime.

Then onto the old Capri Street School property. Not much happening there as yet, but probably will be a housing development project sooner or later..meanwhile, it has been a soccer field and other sporting activities.

Finally, is the very nice addition to the Brewer Veterinarian Clinic on the Pierce Rd. An additional four examination rooms have been added, plus a much improved medical and surgery section. New ownership, Dr. David Monnier. Dr. Robert C.Feher continues on with his 40 years of expertise.



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