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The Brewer City Council and School Committee met last evening at Jeff's Catering for the annual organizational gathering. It was a full house of about 120 people I'm estimating. The council chose member Bev Uhlenhake as the new mayor of Brewer, and member Kevin O'Connell as vice chair.

Out going mayor Matt Vachon was presented with an imprinted gavel, and plaque for his service over the last year. On the school committee side, Mark Farley was chosen as the new chairman for the upcoming year, and Holly Lunquist was chosen as the vice chair.

Sworn was newly elected members Matt Vachon and Jerry Goss of the council for another three years. Newly elected member Ashely Blanchard was sworn in for a one year-term, while Tammy Smith for a three-year stint. Tammy has wrapped on about 1000 homes here in Brewer during her campaign.

This is a ritual that has been going on for the past 28 years that I have actually attended to. The buffet was up for some grumbling last night, as it was not the most promising as usual.

Dan O'Connell was also sworn in as an reelected member of the Brewer High School Trustees. A member-elect of the Student Representaitve, Sarah Maxsimic was sworn to duty.

Several members of the Bangor City Council were in attendance. I got to meet Sarah Nichols, who was recently elected. She has wrapped on about 1100 homes in her city. What an achievement.

Had the pleasure of meeting Brewer's new Superintendent of schools, Cheri Towel

Photo's of the event: Mayor Uhlenhake along with her three little ones.

Councilor Vachon

Dan O'Connell

Student Rep.Sarah Maxsimic

Ashley Blanchard

Tammy Smith

Kevin Forrest

Bev Uhlenhake being sworn in as Mayor

City Solicitor Jody Dearborn

Kevin O'Connell

Matt Vahon, gavel and plaque

School Committee: Dana Lunquist with wife member Holly, Ashley Blanchard and Tammy Smith.

Kevin Forrest and wife Madeline and daughter Lauren

Dr. Biswas and George Kurr

George Kurr

Jim Smith, Asst. Mgr and Karen Fussell, Finance Director..

Jim and son..

Randy Tompkins and Councilor Vachon

Dave Vachon, Matt's dad..

Matt's family ...

Bangor City councilor Sarah Nichols

Kevin and family, son Kyle and brother Dan...

Archie. Tammy Smith and Jim, and son.

Bev's family..Children Ben, Anslay and Quinn

Fran and Archie Verow

Matt and Cheri Towel-Superintendent of schools.



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