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Brewer Voters:

On Tuesday, we will be heading to the polls to vote for three new members of the Brewer School Committee, and two members to the Brewer City Council.

In addition, there is two proposed Charter Amendments; First is the option being offered up that would change the present requirement, that our school superintendent be required to reside in Brewer. The superintendent has a three-year opportunity to move to this city.

The voters favored this amendment two years ago, but there is now once again a move afoot to change the charter. My feeling once again, here is that the school superintendent is the highest paid employee at $108,000 plus benefits. I don't think it is asking too much for that individual to reside here.

The second proposed amendment is entirely new to Brewer. It calls for a recall provision of the school board members. There is already a charter requirement for recalling City Councilors. Now is the time to include the school committee members. Actually, what has prompted this move to recall committee members, is the discourse of the present two members on the board. Those two were the cause of dysfunction, and the firing of an excellent superintendent of schools. A man who had the respect of other high city officials, as well as members of the staff. Had the provision of recall been, in effect, earlier this summer, I'm almost certain there would have been such a recall in the June election.

For the one-year term on the school board is Ashley Blanchard. As for the three-year term, Tammy Smith, teaches Zumba classes through the Brewer Parks and Rec. Department. Substitutes in our school system, being a graduate of Husson, with degree in court and conference reporting. Mike Hutchins is hoping to fulfill one of those positions. Mike is a retired 25 year Brewer high school teacher, who served just over a year ago. Ashley is a mother with two children, and works with the handicap children. Tammy Smith has wrapped on the door of about 700 homes here. Unfortunately, Ashley works as a special ed teacher, and was a psych tech.Mike working for the Federal Govt., and unable to work so hard on the door to door run.

Let me premise my remarks here about the candidate's night, which occurred Monday night. Public speaking is one of the most difficult things that anybody can do, especially before a large crowd of interested folks. Speaking is a wonderful trait, and many of us just don't have it. I know from personal experience. I served on the Brewer City Council for 24 years, and I have never been very comfortable with publicly speaking. Believe it or not. So, I can well appreciate how members sitting on that stage, would freeze up and appear lost. No matter how much knowledge one may have before hand about the subject at hand, it is a stage fright, that gets us...So, don't feel as though, those on that stage didn't know what they were talking can be misleading at best. And never should one be impressed by the smooth talkers, that are already in office. That can be very misleading.

As for the City Council race, Mayor Matt Vachon is wrapping up his first three years, and accomplished being the Mayor of this great city in his first term. Matt deserves a second three long as he doesn't try to beat my 24. Adam Eldridge is a new member running for the job. He is an engineer, designing overhead cranes. Wishing all those running for office the best. It's a tough time...



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