Nicholas Sparks in the Winter · 9/1/2011

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My junior year of high school I began reading Nicholas Sparks books because I loved all of his books and most of them turned into movies so I was familiar with them. However, I quickly learned that the books were always better than the movies! It was a genre I enjoyed and one of my reading goals is to read all of his books. I would always recommend his books to my friends and once they would start reading them, we would text back and forth about which part they were at and how exciting the book was getting. I remember my favorite time to read his books would be in the winter looking out the window at the snow. I would lay on the couch with my favorite tie blanket and I would typically get Starbucks or have some sort of warm drink. My dogs loved when I did this and would always come into the dining room and jump up on the couch and lay there with me all day.


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