My life now · 6/5/2015

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Well I turn 57 in a few days. I don't think much about age. It is just a number. So much has changed since I was here. We moved about 150 feet from grann's old house to a mobile home. I was glad to get out, many wonderful memories but a lot of mold that was affecting my breathing.
I have had many health problems te last few years I have Charcot foot in my left foot caused
from Diabetes and neuropathy. All the bone has crumbled and there is no fixing it. I use a wheelchair to do what little getting up I do. It has been a very painful experience. I am having to learn a new lifestyle. It can and will be done with the help of God.
I have missed being on this site. I have many friends that{ met here and we still are in contact. We have lost several that were in our group, The Cat lady is one we will never forget. She was always coming up with adventures including our furr babies. Joyce is another. Sh faught her cancer but God finallyntook her hoe. She was such a hoot! Many of us left this site because theynstarted charging us. We helped getting this site going. I Know 36l00 dollars i not much but we live on one income and that will buy two of my medications
Well I guess I will go to bed since it is almosr time to get up..


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