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Am I really 72-1 · 12/2/2014

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I couldn't help but remember the year I turned 29 and my wonderful friend, Ann, turned 30.  We were feeling so old!  Since our birthdays are only 4 days apart, we decided to go "out on the town" to celebrate with our husbands.  Our plans were to go out to dinner, and then go dancing.  However, that evening when we entered the nightclub, the new music and the younger crowd made us feel even older!  Then we spotted an empty table, and as we were sitting down a drunk yelled, "Who do you think you are, taking someone else's table!"  Ann and I looked at each other in disbelief, and complained to our husbands.  Acting like teenagers, we expected our husbands to do something about this guy, but they both refused to fight with a drunk.  Now that I am 72, I can't believe that I thought 29 was old!


(1990)  Me/48  Ann/49

I aways hear people say,  "You are as young as you feel".  Easy to say if you are in good health, but if you are not.....then you begin to feel your age!  For example, my Dave was up most of the night unable to sleep, so he went back to bed.....the morning I turned 72!  I  didn't care, because I knew that having my darling still here with me.....was all that really mattered. I sat on the couch with my iPad to write this piece, with the sun was shining brightly through the living room window.  It felt like it was shining....just for me!  I reminded myself that not everyone is lucky enough to reach age 72...

Then.....the phone rang, and it was my dear (long-time) friend, Shirley.  When I told her Dave went back to bed to catch up on the sleep he lost last night.  Shirley responded, "Vonnie, where would you have been thirty years ago?" I answered, "I don't know, where would I have been?"  Shirley laughed saying, "You would have been in bed WITH Dave!"  I had to laugh thinking, "Wow, what a difference 30 years makes!



(2009) Me & Shirley

After 72 years of living, I have laughed until my tummy hurt, and I have cried until my heart felt broken.  I treasure those fabulous years when we were raising our children, and my heart still aches for our loved ones who have passed on.  If I were to line up all that is right in my life today, next to all that is wrong in my life.....the right would surpass the wrong.....hands down! Through it all, I have discovered that I am a true survivor....

And.....for the topping on my birthday cake!  All I have to do is open my Facebook page and read all of my birthday greetings!  Gosh, some of you I have't met yet, which really warms my heart.  Those of you from my far back as Riverbank where I lived till I was five, my friends from my Moses Lake, Washington Days, my family, my friends (past & present), and last but not least my Yamato High School family.

Not to mention, the birthday cards, phone call's and beautiful bouquet of roses (accented in gold) from my sister, Jeannie, and brother-in-law, John.  Love you both so, so much!



And.....if your wondering what my darling gave me, here it is!  After my machines were delivered, I finished the first load and told Dave, "Honey, I really love my washer & dryer....I made a good choice."  Dave answered, "It's your party!"  Dave always makes me laugh.... 


My love and thanks to all of you for making my 72nd birthday extra special.


My Facebook Postings


Ed DeGennaro:   Happy birthday Vonnie E&C

Car Hormell:  I can handle being almost 70. But how did all these kids get so old?

Marina Faconti‎:  Vonnie, looks like I missed your birthday, sorry. Hope it was fabulous and that you are doing well. Hugs to both you and Dave.

Wally Maroney‎:  happy belated bday, your vonnie-ness!!

Judy Gooch‎:  Happy Belated Birthday Ms. Vonnie!!!!!

Edie McDonald‎:  Happiest Birthday ever Vonnie, a bit late, we were not home to write you Friday!

Rufus Woody III‎:  Happy (belated) birthday, young lady! :-)>

Linda Russo‎:  Happy Belated Birthday Vonnie!

Steve Svenvold‎:  Happy Birthday!

Charlotte Artlip‎:  Happy Birthday Vonnie.

Mark C Johnson‎:  Happy birthday Vonnie ... hope you had a wonderful day!

Marina Faconti:  Happy birthday Vonnie hope you are having a fabulous time!

Linda Parrott-Jessup‎:  Happy Birthday Vonnie!

Mehmet:  Happy Birthday, Vonnie!

Rhonadale Harris‎:  Happy Birthday, Vonnie!

Car Hormell‎:  Hope you had a wonderful day with love and dancing

Betsy Stouffer Rock‎:  Hope you're having a wonderful birthday, Vonnie!

Christine Yost Vaishville‎:  Happy birthday, Vonnie!

Sue West‎:  Happy Birthday Vonnie!

Larry McCrea‎:  Happy Birthday, Vonnie!!!

Regina Golden:‎  Oh my, happy birthday young lady.

Kenneth Shiba‎:  Happy Birthday Vonnie!!! Wish you a wonderful celebration!!!

Jim Ranes‎:  Happy Birthday young lady!

Nadine Kaizawa Nakano‎:  Happy Birthday Vonnie!

Steve Holland‎:  Happy birthday!

Mark Trent:  Very Happy Birthday

Sharon Murphy-Barnes:  Happy Birthday Vonnie Hope you have a wonderful day.

Nancy Houston:  Bestest Happiest Birthday wishes to you Vonnie!

Linda Zulaica Cardwell:   Happy Birthday

Cheryl Skipton Runyon‎:  Happy birthday my dear friend! We hope your day is as special as you are!

Mike Skidmore‎:  Happy Birthday Vonnie. The BEATLES "Birthday" song  "Birthday" is a song written by John Lennon--Paul McCartney and performed by The Beatles on their 1968 double album ...The Beatles .....commonly known as "Th.

Bo Dash‎:  Happy Birthday Vonnie!

Cheryll Dillon:  Happy birthday dear friend, how come I am a year older than you? Ha, keep in touch.

Tricia Barnes-Stowers:  Happy birthday Aunt Vonnie . Hope you have a great day. Please say hello to everyone, it's been along time :)

Margo Loe Crandall: Happy Birthday Vonnie!!!! I hope you have the most wonderful day! Can't wait to see you again!

Marty Wynn:  Aloha Vonnie: “Hau`oli La Hanau” and the Best to You on this Very Special Day...Marty Wynn...Your Warrior Friend for Life...

Sharyn Ferris Schneider: Happy birthday sweet Vonnie!

Ronald Way:  Happy Bday. Enjoy ur day.

Michele Halverson:  Happy Birthday miss celebrity Vonnie!

Henry Palmer:  Happy birthday. Hope you have a great day. God be with you through the year. Hank and Joanne

Lou Padgug:  Happy Birthday fellow Warrior!

Candis Burch:  Have a great day

Larry Norick:  Have a great birthday Vonnie and many more...

Jeanne Harman Dirks:  Happy birthday!!

Bill Wilson:  Happy Birthday Warrior!

Chuck Jordan:  Happy birthday!

Jan Garrison Johanson:  Happy birthday Vonnie!

Janelle Fahje:  Happy Birthday Vonnie hope you have a wonderful day

Deana Buksas:  Happy birthday, Vonnie

Jan Magdaleno: Many beautiful happy birthday wishes today Vonnie!

Karen Terry Bowman:  Happy Birthday!

Colette Critchfield:  birthday greetings you were almost a Thanksgiving turkey my my my have a fantastic day

Marilou Frary:  Happy Birthday Vonnie. Hope to see you guys at the reunion.

Don Lindsay:  Happy Birthday Vonnie!

Tracy Kiernan Boeke:  Happy Birthday to you! Best wishes always and many more! (Chofu Vikings Rule! )

Jean Sugino:  Happy birthday Vonnie

Angie Ramirez:  Happy birthday!!!!

Dolores A. Carbonaro Cervone:  Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day.


David V. Yoshida:  Happy Birthday Vonnie - have a great day!

Dianne Silva-Ratti:  Happy birthday Vonnie!

Terri Sutton Springfield:  Happy Birthday Blessings!


Donny Spears: Happy Bithday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Vonnie, Happy Birthday to you. And, many more. Love you, Dee an Don

Deborah Johnson:  Happy Birthday Vonnie..hope you have a wonderful day

Mary Frey:  Happy birthday Vonnie May you have addy filled with blessings love and laughter. Remember-you're not getting older just better.

William Ogden Haynes:  Hope you have a GREAT birthday Vonnie! Best, bill

Donna Carlini Martinson:  Happy birthday!

Terri Hoagland:  Happy birthday Vinnie ...hope you have a great day

David Talleagle:  Vonnie dear Happy Happy Happy Birthday and may you be blessed with good health Love anfd much Happiness... I will never forget the friendship you showed me when I arrived at Green park and japan!!

Charlie Wise:  Happy Birthday Vonnie.

Jim Billingsley:  Happy birthday

Rick Johnson:  Happy Birthday Vonnie......

Judy Noakes Madison:  Happy Birthday Vonnie


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