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2011 Yamato Reunon - Class PhotosCandid Shots VHVB · 9/24/2013

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Class Photos


Candid Shots



Class photos


Candid Shots


Richard Jacobus Hoops '64


Due to circumstances beyond our control, Dave & I did not attend the 2011 reunion.  Now,two years later, we cannot attend again!  Hopefully, we will be there the next time around....if life doesn’t get in the way!

This reminded me of a quote (below) from the movie, “Infamous” based on the book, “In Cold Blood” by Truman Compote.

“I’ve always believed that whenever you do something right, it gives you a little bit of weight, but you gotta feel rooted with this earth you know, solid…secure.

What scares me, sometimes out of nowhere a bad wind blows up.It could be cancer, it could be drink, ii could be some woman who don’t belong to you.

And despite the weight that’s holding you to the ground, when that wind comes, it picks you up light as a leaf and takes you where it wants.

Were in control, until we’re not, then we’re helpless.”

I know everyone is getting excited about the 2013 reunion, which is why I am posting the following photos.

I don’t have to tell you to have a good time, because Yamato reunions are always lots of fun.

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