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Halloween Memories · 10/11/2010

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Halloween Memories 







As I gathered all of the Halloween photos we took through the years, I found myself slipping between laughter & tears. Halloween with my own children, followed by Halloween with my grandchildren are now…. just precious memories…

As a child, I found Halloween exciting and loved going trick-or-treating with my friends. My favorite homes were the ones who passed out homemade treats.  In those days we weren’t afraid that our treats would be embedded with pins, razor blades etc.   Once in a while we would be asked to do a trick before we would be given our treat…..but I was always too shy to perform. If you can believe….that I was once very shy!

The days with my own children were so special. I was never very creative, so we always shopped for their costumes. If Dave was not working he would stay home to pass out the candy, while I took the kids treat-or-treating. Now that we are retired, Dave passes out the candy to the “dwindling” few who come to our door each year. Dave likes talking to the kids and remark on their costumes’.

When our grandchildren were small, they would always stop by the house for treats. My daughter-in-law, Dee, was a master at costume making, which I found absolute amazing. The year 2003, she did her best work, when she and our son, Edward, dressed up like hippies. When they came to our front door, Dave gave them candy….not realizing they were our kids. We laughed our heads off and till this day, I can’t believe Dee got our son to dress up for Halloween!

My sister, Jeannie, is another one who overflows with creativity. When she was working for Safeway, she won 1st prize for her costumes…..more than once.  The "Big Bad Wolf" mask from "Little Red Riding Hood" was purchased at Disneyland for $170.00.  The "Pretty Woman" mask was purchased in San Francisco at a theatrical Shop.  This costume poked fun at the movie "Pretty Woman" which was out that year.  The Big Bad Wolf, The Alien, and the Pretty Woman coustumes all won 1st prize, which included money.  All costumes were judged by the Safeway employess.  While in costume, Jeannie always played the part for each costume to the max!  The customers couldn't stop laughing.

During  my mom’s dancing days,  she would always look smashing when she dressed up for Halloween. While living in Guam, my Uncle Gene would design many of the beautiful costumes for Halloween parties that he and his wife attended.Dave & I also dressed up for Halloween parties in the early years…..which our kids found very embarrassing!

In the early years of our life, I would always decorate the whole house for Halloween. When my son, Edward, was a teenager he asked, “Mom….why do you always decorate the house?” Shortly after he married, he decorated the outside front of their his house with elaborate Halloween decorations. I couldn’t believe my eyes!  But like MOST men…..he no longer follows this practice.These days, I still decorate. but keep it to a minimum. I now spend my time just being Dave’s……black magic woman!



Black Magic Woman



Got a black magic woman
Got a black magic woman
Ive got a black magic woman
Got me so blind I can't see
That she's a black magic woman
Shes trying to make a devil out of me

Don't turn your back on me baby
Don't turn your back on me baby
Yes don't turn your back on me baby
Stop messing round with your tricks
Don't turn your back on me baby
You just might pick up my magic sticks

Got your spell on me baby
Got your spell on me baby
Yes you got your spell on me baby
Turning my heart into stone
I need you so bad, magic woman
I can't leave you alone



Vonnie Hoops-Beattie

Class of 1960

Yamato High School

Air Force Japan Dependents School
Yamato Air Station, Japan


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