Friends of Rhodesia · 1970s

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The Rhodesian Security Forces benefited from the kindness of various associations which came to prominence during the Rhodesia war.One such was the Friends of Rhodesia which was based in the Republic of South Africa and thery made goods available to our troops.During this same period many Rhodesian companies also donated goods, we complained that not enough beer was been handed in (joke) but be assured these many associations and companies were there when required and they can certainly hold their heads high with their achievements.What follows are a few photographs which were made available to ORAFs by Barrie York (RhAF) - they cover the work mentioned above.Text to Photograph 1 reads:-Presented to the Rhodesian Air Force By The Friends of Rhodesia Association, East London October 1968EndComments are welcome - please send them to Eddy Norris at [email protected] Thanks to Barrie for sharing his photographs with ORAFs.Ref. Rhodesian Air Force, ORAFs


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