Westport is Calling · 12/14/2012

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The Charming town of Westport, situated on the shores of Clew Bay, is one of the few planned towns in the country. It is an estate town, built to the plan of James Wyatt, the well known architect of the Georgian period. One of its outstanding features is the elegant tree-lined boulevard, known as The Mall.
Westport was overall winner of 2001 National Tidy Towns Award. Guided walks of this historic town are conducted twice weekly during the summer months.

The history of the development of Westport, from the time it was an O'Malley stronghold in the 16th century, to the present day, is brought alive in the Heritage Centre, located at Westport Quay.

Westport House and its adjoining Adventure Park combine to create the most stunning combination of culture, fun and aventure for all the family.
Westport, (Irish: Cathair na Mart), is a town in County Mayo, awarded the coveted title of Ireland's Tidiest Town in 2001, 2006 and 2008. One of the few planned towns in Ireland, Westport was designed in the 18th Century by James Wyatt, commissioned by Lord Sligo of the stately Westport House, as a place for his workers and tenants to live. Today Westport is one of Ireland’s major tourist destinations. Located at the south-east corner of Clew Bay, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, the town has many picturesque features, most notably its tree-lined, flower decorated, boulevard known as The Mall with several stone bridges over the Carrowbeg river.

The famous mountain Croagh Patrick, one of Europe's best known places of Pilgrimage, presents a striking backdrop to the town. This mountain, 10 km west of the town, provides a tough ascent for thousands of pilgrims each year, many of whom climb barefoot in memory of St. Patrick, who spent forty days and forty nights fasting on the summit more than 1,500 years ago. There is a small church at the summit of the mountain and climbers can enjoy magnificent views of Clew Bay, with its enchanting islands - reputedly one for every day of the week. (Read this brilliant account of a 'climb' written by Jim Burns, Quincy, IL, USA).


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