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The Elephant can die with a...

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To be able to understand an elephant, you need to think like a human. That's what I tell my staff at the elephant orphanage I founded in Nairobi National Park. Time and again, my experience is borne out: whether it is in their tremendous grief at the death of a beloved relative, in the face of sickness or in joy at seeing an old friend again, these gentle giants act exactly like us, as these extraordinary pictures show. Know more about elephants...
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Posted on Mar 11, 2014

Costa Rica: a beautiful...

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M & I went to Costa Rica over Thanksgiving. It was my fourth trip and her first to the country. We flew through San Jose, overnighted at the Grano del Oro, and then on to the remote and beautiful Osa Penninsula. After a ride on Nature Air's small aircraft and an hour and a half 4 wheel drive passage over 18 miles of waterlogged roads we arrived at the Bosque del Cabo resort.

Here you are greeted with the Costa Rican welcome and charm that...
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Posted on Dec 02, 2010