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Norvell Associates P C - Andre...

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Der er mere hvad Norvell & Associates kan forsrge deres erhvervskunder. Her er et par mere:

Business vrdiansttelse tjenester

Nr en virksomhed nsker at have et klart billede af dets finansielle sundhed som et selskab, Norvell kan give en prcis vurdering af sit vrd, om materielle eller immaterielle aktiver. Denne opgave krver en dyb og unikke evner, som virksomheden har udviklet sig i hele r af sin eksistens i skikkelse af deres top-kvalitet...
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Posted on Apr 29, 2015

Safety-time Out Implemented in...

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Singapore- More than 40 construction firms have joined a one-week “Safety Time Out” led by the National Crane Safety Taskforce. The movement was done as a show of concern towards the spate of workplace accidents related to crane activities since the beginning of this year.

In total, 150 construction sites have paused work starting from Mar 9 to beef up safety checks and precautions, such as to inspect lifting machines and gears,...
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Posted on Apr 24, 2015

Builders Risk Insurance

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We have heard a lot of insurance. From insured buttocks to insured smiles, anything can be insured. Now we ask, how about those in risking their everyday lives? Can they be insured as well? Axis Capital, a group of insurance and reinsurance company based in Bahamas with branches in Singapore, Australia, UK and America has defined this kind of insurance for you to review.

What it is?

Builder's risk insurance is a special type of property...
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Posted on Apr 17, 2015

Stand Out Never Stand Down

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Equally as important as learning how to get a job is learning how to keep one. Working is much like dating: Keep the relationship exciting or your employer might get a wandering eye for greener pastures. You need to stay at the top of your game to prove to your employer that she was right to pick you in the first place. You can stand out at work by being a stand-up person. Be honest, act with integrity and treat everyone with kindness and...
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Posted on Apr 10, 2015

Animal Insurance Coverage

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According to Axis Capital, a group of insurance companies around the world with its main location in Bermuda, in North America alone, $58.5 billion are spent annually for our beloved 4-legged and furry friends. Vet Care being the third largest expenditure in the category costing pet owners to spend $15.25 billion during health check-ups, illness or death of pets.

As the cost of maintaining pets are also getting, well, costly, insurance company...
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Posted on Mar 25, 2015