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My name is Jenaka, I am Native American and I live on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming USA. I am also the owner and editor to a website that offers Native American Crafts from various Artisans that live around here, to the world. Come visit us at
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I will edit this story and add my whole life story to it little by little, so come and see whats new on here!

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Coffee House November 2012

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Hello friends, I am opening the Coffee House again. Facebook is getting way to wired for me. So here it is: Welcome to me Coffee House, come on in, have a sit and talk about...
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Posted on Nov 06, 2012

Coffee House March/April 2012

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Good morning friends and family, it has been a while since I started a Coffee House, Hopefully we all will get back into the full swing of it and have the interaction and...
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Posted on Mar 30, 2012

I do not like this new face OS

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Whoever came up with this needs to go back to thye drawing board. I can hardly read the red on black, the whole thing is totally confusing and I miss the roll along timeline. If...
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Posted on Oct 24, 2011
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