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The Brewer City Council, particularly Councilor Joe Ferris discussed briefly, the shooting issues of the day, particularly the Parkland School Shooting.

The meeting of 27 March, had Councilor Ferris voice her concerns of the school shootings and was pushing the idea of how Brewer could move to do some things that may really be very concerning to those citizens that are gun owners,...
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Post from: Larry T.
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Posted on May 24, 2018

Open that Door

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I remember this time when we had received bad news that our daughter would have to have a second brain surgery. I was in my basement crying, as to protect my other children from seeing me or from being afraid and knowing something was wrong. Children are supposed to be children, playing and laughing and not carrying a load of stress. So I hid quietly in my basement and sobbed. With red eyes and a heavy heart I saw my friend come around the...
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Post from: Just Sydne
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Posted on May 02, 2018
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Gonzalez - DeHaan Wedding 1989

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Wedding vows are exchanged at Lake Eola, Downtown Orlando , Fla. Between 7pm and 7:30pm. Reception followed. Our wedding cake three tiers with pillars in between each a fountain on the bottom with burgundy colored water ( burgundy and white ) were our colors. It had royal icing details and sugar flowers bouquets on top of each tier. I still have one of the bouquets. They last forever... or at least 20 plus yrs. As for flavor, it was a white cake with an almond flavored simple syrup poured over it to keep it moist. It was delicious. ;o} I am starting to decorate my own cakes now. It's hard work but fun. Honeymoon was in Nantahala, North Carolina. We went horseback riding, whitewater rafting, fishing, and saw the 1st Batman movie. The car we rented broke down somewhere in Georgia on the way up, the thermometer broke. It didn't take more than three hours to get it fixed before we were on our way. It was fun, Nantahala was in a 'dry' county at the time. We had to pick up some wine coolers when we were out watching the movie.
The fishing consisted of a catfish farm. Put a corn kernel on a hook and they are hooked. We took two back to the cabin and I cooked them up using crushed fritos as a flavorful coating. The first meal I cooked for my new husband. It was pretty good. I didn't burn it and he ate it.
We would return to Nantahala for white water rafting with our two boys, Michael and Alex (Mathew)nearly 18 yrs later for spring break vacation of April 2007.

We didn't have teh best of photographers, many pictures didn't have even lighting. But over all I was happy with what we got. Besides it's not the pictures that need to last ' til death do us part' , It's the love and the marriage itself.

Post from: Victoria
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Posted on Jul 23, 2007
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