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How do I reset or change my password?
How do I change my email address?
How do I adjust what name is displayed on OurStory?
How do I adjust the emails I receive from OurStory?
Digital Family Account Features
What is included in a Digital Family account?
How do I upgrade?
What is an additional profile and how do I create one?
What are privacy circles and how do I create and manage them?
What happens to my account if I don't renew?
What appears in "My Inbox" on my Home page?
Is there a way to organize and save my Inbox messages?
What appears in the "Recent Stories from My Family & Friends" mosaic?
What does "Stories to Approve" mean?
What are "subscriptions?"
My Timeline & Stories
How can I change my Profile image?
What does "Edit URL" mean?
Does OurStory offer page design templates?
What's an "Introduction" and what can be placed there?
Does OurStory offer a counter?
Can I add music or a slide show to my OurStory page?
What appears on my "Timeline?"
What does "Quick Add" mean?
Can I "export" my timeline and place it on another blog or website?
How are my stories organized?
How do I know which stories are public or private?
What does "RSS Feed" mean?
How do I print my stories into a book?
How do I archive my stories onto a DVD?
How do I delete a story?
How do I add a story to "My Favorites" area?
What does "Submit to be Featured" mean?
My Photos
Photo Specifics
Can I organize the "My Photos" page?
Is there a way to tag photos or videos?
When I upload an image and/or video is it public or private?
My Family & Friends
What does "Manage my Privacy Circles" mean?
How do I delete someone from my "Family & Friends" area?
Can I organize my Family and Friends?
How do I connect to other OurStory members?
Can I block someone from accessing my account?
How can I send a private message to another member?
When I upload an image and/or video is it public or private?
Add Story
How do I access my "saved drafts?"
What are "auto-saved drafts?"
How many photos and videos can I add to my story?
What type of privacy settings does OurStory have?
When I mark a story "public" what does that mean?
When I mark a story "Only My Connections" what does that mean?
What are tags?
Does OurStory have a Rich Text Editor?
How do I turn off the suggested Yahoo image feature?
What does "Share this Story" mean?
Question Sets / Collaborate
Is there a way I can send a question from the "Question Sets" page to someone else?
What does "Collaborate" mean?
Does OurStory offer Groups?
How can I find new people on OurStory?
How can I get a story featured on the Explore page?