About OurStory

About OurStory

If you've ever thought to yourself, "I want to remember this moment", then you already understand why OurStory.com exists. Life is full of incredible moments, memories, lessons, and connections, but as time goes by, these essential passages in our life's story tend to fade, slip away, or simply get lost in the shuffle of our busy lives.

Nostalgia for things in our past creates in us the need to be able to hold on to memories and to be able to experience those things again. The longing for childhood recollections of family and friends. You want a day back... you want to spend time together...here it is! Feast on it. You can have the days back. And you can spend them together, collaboratively, in a place where everyone who was there can connect and share their memories and media as one.

OurStory is here to help you build your time machine to the past by depositing your memories in time and recording the present. In one easy-to-use, organized place, and in a rich environment that celebrates all of the stories - big and small - with the words, photos and voices that help tell about your journey, at the same time honoring your choices regarding privacy. OurStory delivers-finally-a way to hold on to life's incredible moments, and to keep them in a place where others can share in your journey, as part of your Digital FamilyTM.

This is the culmination of the dreams of many. For you, we hope it's a friendly, fun, and welcoming place for you to begin, or continue, to collect and enjoy the stories that matter most in your life.

Welcome to OurStory, and let the journey begin!