Rhodesia's Armies

by By those that Served these Armies


Creating ORAFs-OurStory has provided me with the opportunity to record the memories from various members, branches and all that made up the air force.

I believe it is time, hopefully, to do the same for that great band of characters that served in the various Armies of Rhodesia.

There is no competition with other institutes etc, ours will be memories.

Readers and those that will participate will have to guide me as my knowledge of the Army is not that great. I was a TF member from 1963 to 1968.

To sort the information, the following will be used. Prior to 1953 will be sorted as Southern Rhodesian Army. 1953-63 regarded as the Federal Army. 1970 onwards will be Rhodesian Army. Please note this is subject to correction by those that will participate.

To determine what units I will use. Rhodesia Regiment, includes Depot and the Independent Battalions. RLI will always be the RLI, the same applies to the SAS, Selous Scouts. The other services, Guard Force, Grey Scouts, Medical Services are very welcome to send in their memories.

Please - no religious or political information. No finger pointing either. Memories that is all that is required.

When sending photos, and associated text, please include the date, the unit any other information will assist non Rhodesian readers to understand. Please elaborate on abbreviations used.

Best Wishes and look forward to receiving your memories.
Eddy Norris

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