M. I. H. S. W. (Too Intense For Younger Children - Adults Only!)

by Aaron


As Aaron moved upon Richard, and felt Richard's hot tongue move closer and closer to the apex, to the summit, he also felt the tiny, almost imperceptible feeling of warning, as though Richard were preparing to advance and enter him again. Aaron slowed, puzzled. He held Richard's throbbing manhood in his mouth, how could Richard be entering...?
He gasped and broke from Richard's flesh as he remembered the mysterious object Richard had brought back to the bed with him.
Aaron looked quickly up, and saw, and felt at the same time, the entrance, the violation of his body with some foreign object.
Richard lay, his mouth still tightly grasping Aaron's lean, rigid spear, while his hand busy holding the handle of a huge black whip, prepared to plunge it into Aaron's body.

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Posted on Aug 03, 2007
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