Michael Coe's Story

by M. B. Coe


-- So many thoughts, so little time...
...And so this becomes a venue of sorts, and perhaps a bit of an
experiment, as I may also kick around some ideas for a possible future book:
...possibly a compilation of photos, devotionals, sermons and poems.

A few may be already familiar with some of my writing and photography.
Regardless whether visiting as an old friend or new, my hope is that each
visitor here will be enriched by these pages. My goal is to encourage,
inspire, inform and instruct through what is presented here. Some might just
enjoy looking at all the pretty pictures. For those who may be waiting for
me to post a particular item... be patient. I expect it will take me a while
to get this thing going. Otherwise, ask: sometimes I may need a little push...
At any rate, feedback is certainly welcome, and I will try to respond,
as time and inspiration allow.

** "The glory of God is often best revealed through our greatest adversity." -me

** To what shall I compare the people of this world? They are like children in the womb saying, "Conception to birth is all there is to life. Nine months is our allotted time, and that's the end. We must 'go toward the light', and it's over!"

** "There ARE mysteries hidden within Scripture, but contrary to some popular speculation, they cannot be decrypted through some obscure mystical algorithm. They can only be understood through the revelation of the Holy Spirit, who is not only the 'code key', but the Author!"

** "If you don't seem to be in a battle, it might be you're not a serious threat to the enemy."

"Why have you not written about....." (usually a reference to my salvation or lessons learned through my divorce) I have pondered how to address these and questions such as, "Why don't you pursue other relationships?" or comments such as, "You need to get over this, and move on."

With regard to my salvation: I don't really remember much about my original decision to follow Christ (He has been my savior nearly as far back as I can remember), however I was baptized at a Bible camp at about age nine.
I did stray during High School, and I hope to put together a piece about my rededicating my life while in the Navy. Be patient...

As regards my divorce: I am currently attempting to pare the story down to a manageable size, with the appropriate revelations and lessons learned (which are many). Stay tuned...

There are several other bits in the works, as well...

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